Mark confirms Facebook collects users data even when they are offline!

Amidst Facebook caught in the data breach scandal over mishandling its users data, which did come as a jolting shock to users, Mark Zuckerberg confirmed the social networking app collects data beyond the users imagination along with its offline data too.

Explaining why the company does that, Mark said the app starts collecting users data once they have accessed the Facebook site and also when they are not logged in or offline DNA reports.

“When you visit a site or app that uses our services, we receive information even if you’re logged out or don’t have a Facebook account,” adding, “this is because other apps and sites don’t know
who is using Facebook,” revealed Facebook’s product management director David Baser.

Justifying this he added Google and Twitter does the same, and that there are many websites and apps that use Facebook services like measurement tools, Facebook ads etc to target users with specific content and ads, when people log in to their accounts from any mobile devices or even visit any websites.

“Most websites and apps send the same information to multiple companies each time you visit them,” Baner’s post said.

“There are three main ways in which Facebook uses the information we get from other websites and apps: providing our services to these sites or apps; improving safety and security on Facebook; and enhancing our own products and services”.

Well after it is confirmed Facebook does a lot more work of a spy, snooping into its users data and after the whole Cambridge Analytica scandal that has sent its users into a shock, Mark says:
“I want to be clear: We don’t sell people’s data. Period.”

Well, we still are recovering from the ‘data breach trust issues’ and now we don’t know if we could trust those words again. Period.