Mariah Carey mocks FaceApp by posting meme

Washington: FaceAap challenge? Mariah Carey isn’t interested! You might be familiar with the latest viral trend that has taken social media by storm but the singer has refused to join the bandwagon.

Twitter and Instagram are currently overloaded with edited gray-haired pictures of young people and celebrities.

However, unlike all the other stars, Carey, with an iconic meme, announced that she will not be taking part in the trend.

“FaceApp is not something I acknowledge,” the superstar wrote in a tweet. The 49-year-old singer also included a meme of herself during an interview, which is subtitled, “I don’t hear you, I don’t see you, you don’t exist to me.”

Several fans were quick to praise the singer for not participating in the viral trend, saying she doesn’t need the app because she has aged so gracefully.

“Tea! Age? We don’t know her,” one fan said in response to Carey’s tweet. Added another fan, “doesn’t work on ageless queens anyway!”

“We know you’re going to look like this forever, aging? I don’t know her,” said another on Twitter. “I tried it on you but since your ageless I can’t see a difference” someone else chimed in.

However, the Grammy Award-winning singer hasn’t sat out of every viral internet trend, earlier this month, she mastered the Bottle Cap Challenge.

To complete the challenge, one must twist off a bottle cap without using their hands. While the challenge initially called people to use a spin kick to twist off the cap, several celebrities turned to more creative ways to complete it.

Interestingly, the singer shared her version of the challenge in an Instagram video and showed everyone how it’s done by removing the bottle cap using only her voice.

While Carey decided to not try the FaceAap challenge, many other stars including Noah Centenio, Gordon Ramsay, Jonas Brothers, Carrie Underwood, Diplo, Drake, Jeremy Renner, Lil Nas X, shared hilarious photos of what their future-selves might look like. The aging filter adds extra pounds of wrinkles and grey hair to selfies.