Marathi Cinema Must Continue to Focus on Content: Nana Patekar

Mumbai: Veteran actor Nana Patekar is happy that Marathi cinema is coming up with some really good stories.
Some of the biggest Marathi hits include “Deva”, “Sairat”, “Natsamrat”, “Balak Palak”, and “Shwaas”.

The 67-year-old actor, who starred in Marathi film Aapla Manus recently, believes good films manage to create their own space.
“If you make good films coupled with great stories, people will go and see it. The stories need to be rooted, relatable so that the audiences can enjoy it,” Patekar told PTI.

“If you do a bad film, then it will not do well. If you do a good film, then it will do well anytime,” he added.
Expressing his concern over Marathi films not getting enough screens because of big Bollywood releases, the actor said it should not happen.

“I think Marathi films should get a release in a minimum number of screens at least. Despite all this, if anything happens, then protests are bound to happen. If in Maharashtra, Marathi films do not get a certain amount of screens, then it is not right,” he said.
Patekar’s latest Marathi film is co-produced by Ajay Devgn and also features actors like Iravati Harshe and Sumeet Raghavan.

“Ajay just gave the money, and hardly came on the sets once, that’s it. There was no interference from his side. I have known him for several years, he is a nice guy,” he said.