Marathi auto permit row: Expect PM Modi to remain silent on this, says Lalu

Taking a swing at Prime Minister Narendra Modi over Maharashtra government’s decision to issue new auto rickshaw permits only to those who know Marathi, Rashtriya Janata Dal chief Lalu Prasad said here on Wednesday, that he expected the Prime Minister to remain silent over the issue, implying that the latter will never raise his voice on controversial decisions taken by his Government.

“I expect Prime Minister Modi will remain silent on the dictatorial order issued by his Government, which is aimed at dividing the nation on the basis of language and attacking the federal structure,” Lalu tweeted.

He further said that the Prime Minister should have explained to the Maharashtra chief minister about the meaning and the implications of this order.

The Maharashtra government had earlier announced that they will give away one lakh new auto rickshaw permits for the Mumbai Metropolitan Region (MMR), but only to those applicants who speak Marathi.

According to reports, majority of auto rickshaw drivers in Mumbai are from Uttar Pradesh and Bihar, but the auto permits are largely held by Marathi-speaking locals who then sub-let their vehicle to others. (ANI)