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Maoists warn Telangana Govt. over Sircilla issue, ask to get ready for dire consequences

Maoists warn Telangana Govt. over Sircilla issue, ask to get ready for dire consequences

Hyderabad: Spokesman of Maoists’ Party of Telangana, Mr. Jagan gave a strict warning to Government of Telangana on its anti-people steps. He was referring to the incidents which took place at Nerella village of Sircilla District. He declared strong support to the local peoples’ movement and said that the people of the entire state should follow this movement.

He pointed out that K. Chandrashekhar Rao, Chief Minister of Telangana had made promises that he would make use of natural resources, provide clean drinking water and recruit unemployed youths but he forgot all these promises. He told the people that by tolerating atrocities, they should not align themselves with cruel persons. He mentioned that in Kareem Nagar and Warangal, mountains are being damaged and natural resources are being destroyed. He termed Mr. K.T. Rama Rao as Mafia don and alleged that he is earning crores of rupees through sand and granite mafia. If any opposition voice is raised against mafia, the complainants are killed either by way of imprisoning them or in road accident. The protest against misuse of natural resources and their transportation is being crushed. He told that granite is being exported to countries like China. He gave a strict warning to Mr. KCR and Mr. KTR and said that they should be prepared to meet dire consequences as it happened to the earlier rulers who had resorted to anti-people policies.

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Mr. Jagan appealed to the people to support the residents of Nerella village. He assured the public that the support of Maoist will continue to the people of Nerella village till justice is achieved.

–Siasat News