Maoist leader arrested in Noida

Noida: A Maoist leader who claimed to have committed 14 murders in Bihar and Jharkhand has been caught here, police said on Tuesday.

When Sudhir Bhagat was taken into custody on Monday night from Harola village, he told the police that he was studying for a B. Tech degree from a private college.

The raid was led by Noida police chief Ajay Pal Sharma.

Sudhir Bhagat, who carried a reward of Rs 50,000 on his head, also confessed to blowing up a factory with a bomb in the Bihar-Jharkhand region.

In 2015, another Maoist, Pradeep Singh Kharvar, who carried a reward of Rs 5 lakh on his head, was arrested. He had been living in Noida since 2012.