As many citizens denied Aadhaar card, this dog has one

Bhind: While citizens are facing difficulties in getting an identity card, a man from Madhya Pradesh’s Bhind district feels that his dog has an identity too.

So, Azam Khan got an Aadhaar card made for his pet dog named ‘Tommy Singh’. The Aadhaar card depicts father’s name as Sheru Singh and date of birth as 26-11-2009.

Local police upon getting information arrested Khan for preparing this card and are questioning him to find out if he arranged Aadhaar cards for other animals or unauthorised people.

Azam Khan works as a supervisor at an Aadhaar enrollment agency in Umri and this is how he managed to get an Aadhaar card for his dog.

The police action followed after complaints that Khan’s agency was making cards for dogs and other animals.

The police have filed a case of forgery under various sections of IPC against Khan.

A short time ago, Bhind municipality had become butt of the jokes as a clerk had served eviction notice to lord Hanuman.