MANUU plans transfer of knowledge in Urdu

Hyderabad: In a major move, Maulana Azad National Urdu University, began today (Thursday) discussing ways to transfer knowledge related to social sciences in Urdu which its Vice-Chancellor Dr. M. Aslam Parvaiz said would help in reviving the scope of the language in areas of research and employment.

Prof Ishtiyaq Ahmad Zilli, Director, Darul Musannifeen (House of Writers), Shibli Academy, UP, asked the people who read and write to pen articles on the benefits of transferring wholesome knowledge in Urdu. “The progress of a language depends on translation of books on a variety of subjects for its readers.

Prof. Zilli and Dr. Parvaiz were among the main speakers who addressed the first ever national congress on social science in Urdu which was organised by the Centre for Promotion of Knowledge in Urdu and School of Arts and Social Sciences.

Prof. Zilli said that Osmania University was the first institution in India that set up a Bureau of Translation to get the original works on a variety of subjects in Urdu in the beginning of 20th century.

Dr Mohammad Aslam Abdullah, a senior journalist, said it is wrong to link Urdu with any religion. Urdu was born in India following centuries of interaction among different linguistic and regional groups. “There is nothing new in borrowing from other languages. Every major language in the world has been doing it. Therefore, Urdu could also adopt the same route to become a language of sciences,” he said.

Prof. Shakeel Ahmad, Pro Vice-Chancellor introduced the guests, while Prof S M Rahmatullah, Congress convener, explained the objectives of the two-day event. Mr. Abid Moiz, Co-convener of the Congress, proposed a vote of thanks. Dr Ameena Tahseen of Centre for Women Studies anchored the inaugural session.