Manusmriti contains anti-Dalit and anti-women contents which need to be removed – RSS outfit

New Delhi: Sanskar Bharti, an RSS cultural supporter is making plans to associate itself with Union Ministry of Culture to revise the cultural history of India in which anti-Dalit and anti-women views are expressed. He suggested that such ideologies should be removed from Manusmriti and such other texts.

According to the news published in Indian Express, Amir Chand, Joint Organizing Secretary of Sanskar Bharti said that the arguments depicted in Hindu scriptures that paint anti-Dalit and anti-women thoughts are being debated for their removal.

He further suggested to the Government for the removal of anti-Dalit and anti-women thoughts from Manusmriti.

However, when media persons contacted Mr. Mahesh Sharma, Union Minister of Culture, he said that no such proposal has been received.

It may be mentioned that Manu wrote a book titled Manusmriti in which rules of caste system in society are mentioned.

Amir Chand is of the opinion that Manu was born 8,000 years ago and there are many versions of Manusmriti. He questioned the credentials of the writers. He wanted the research scholars to conduct research to find out the truth.

He further said that ancient scriptures never preached anti-Dalit or anti-woman ideologies. It is a matter of ignorance.

He questioned how vedas could be anti-women when Rigveda contains 47 hymns written by a woman.

However, he accepted that Manusmriti contains objectionable contents which need to be removed through research.