Manushi’s parents ‘extremely proud’ of their daughter’s achievement

New Delhi: After a wait of 17 long years, Indian model Manushi Chhillar brought the Miss World crown to the nation.

The whole country is proud of her achievement and is extending good wishes, but Manushi’s parents are the ones who are unable to express their happiness for their daughter’s achievement.

When asked about the moment when her name was announced as the winner, Manushi’s mother, Neelam Chhillar told ANI, “I was extremely happy for her. That feeling of sinking in took a lot of time.”

She also noted that the way Manushi answered her question in the last round shows how much she respects her mother.

“Her greatness was visible in the way she gave me so much respect. But I feel that all the mothers do everything for the kids, so I have not done anything extra. I used to support her in everything since the beginning. I always gave her the assurance that whatever she wants to do, she can and we are always going be there for her,” said Neelam.

Meanwhile, Manushi’s father Mitra Basu Chhillar feels that more than the feeling of being happy, there was a feeling pride in his eyes.

Basu noted, “I get really emotional whenever I think of that moment. More than happiness, I feel really proud of the fact that representatives from everywhere, has your country’s names on their tongue. I had a lot of emotions at one time.”

He also revealed that besides having mother-father as Manushi’s strength, her self-confidence is one thing that she never lost.

He noted, “The biggest strength, besides mother and father, is having self-confidence. That is the one thing she has not lost at any point of her life.” (ANI)