Man’s best friend: Pet dog dies saving owner from cobra attack

Tamil Nadu: In a heart-rending incident, a pet dog proved its loyalty to its owner when it fought a cobra which tried to attack her and died after killing the reptile, at Senthiambalam near Tuticorin in Tamil Nadu.

Police said the lady heard her Pomeranian barking continuously at her residence last night and on opening the door she saw the cobra staring at her. As she stepped backward, it tried to bite her. The dog then pounced on the cobra and fought with it.

Though it received several fatal stings and got weak, the dog managed to bite off the hood of the snake, killing it, police said.

The owner rushed the dog to the hospital after it fainted, but doctors said the canine was brought dead.
Moved by its act, people of the locality paid respects to the deceased animal and later cremated it.