Manmohan Singh finally speaks up, says youth want world free of inequality

Gandhinagar: Amid the debate on intolerance and nationalism, former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on Saturday advised the students to collaborate with various “decision- makers” to make the world free of inequality and intolerance.

youth of today has a bright vision for the future. They want a world free of poverty, unemployment, inequality and intolerance. The students should join hands with various decision-makers in public and private sectors in discovering and realising this beautiful dream,” Singh said.

“Students are integral part of societal fabric. They must understand the importance of relationship between themselves as individuals and society….main occupation of students is studying.

But this does not give them the liberty to isolate themselves from the happenings of the world surrounding them.” He was speaking on ‘Creating Role of Students in Future of India’ at `Bapu Gujarat Knowledge Village’, educational institution run by senior

The former PM’s statement comes at a time when there is ongoing national debate on intolerance and nationalism after the incidents at JNU and Hyderabad Central University.

“A good education system must also promote the value system enshrined in our Constitution,” Singh said.

“From the history of this vast country, we have learnt about the major role played by students in our Independence movement. The experience and knowledge of our great leaders led by Mahatma Gandhi combined with the vigour and dynamism of our students brought us the desired result in the form of Independence.

Now the time has come to take up the mantle again in leading our country to be a top economic force in the world,” said Singh.

Vaghela on this occasion praised Singh for his achievements as Finance minister and later as the Prime Minister, saying one should imagine what would have been the condition of India had Singh not been at the helm.