Manmohan Singh Attacks Gujarat Model, Says Only Top 1 Percent Benefited from it

Rajkot: Former Prime Minister and noted economist Manmohan Singh has said the people of Gujarat have seen though the “lies” propagated by the BJP during its 22-year-rule in the state, and took a dig at the ruling party over the ‘Gujarat model’ of development, saying it only benefited the top one per cent of the society.

He also said the “achhe din” promise made by the BJP was “nowhere to be seen”. “Twenty two years is a long time, and now the results are there for all of us to see. The Gujarat model of the BJP has only benefited the top one per cent of the society,” he said.

Singh claimed Gujaratis have seen through the lies and the BJP’s Gujarat model was being openly challenged on the streets of the state.
“Every community and class, except a few rich businessmen, are raising their voice against the inequality and injustice of the Gujarat model as operationalised by the BJP over the last 22 years,” he said.

He said that in many critical areas of human development, Gujarat has “regressed in the last 22 years”.

“On every social indicator, it has fallen behind states including Himachal Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu,” he said, noting that if the Congress formed the government in Gujarat, it would change this.

“The Congress party has a vision for the people of Gujarat,” he said. Singh also attacked Prime Minister Narendra Modi over demonetisation and GST rollout, saying, “Modiji has betrayed the trust that the people of Gujarat had reposed in him.”

The Congress leader also demanded that the Centre should release relevant documents and files relating to note ban. “We must demand that the government release all the relevant documents and files related to demonetisation in the public domain and Parliament for security. We must avoid the repetition of such blunders in the future. India cannot afford such mistakes,” he said.

He said note ban and GST have damaged the economy and caused a loss to the GDP, even as China benefited with 23 per cent year-on-year increase in India’s import from China in FY 2017-18.

On the Ayodhya issue, Singh refused to comment saying that it would be inappropriate for him to discuss the matter as it was sub judice.
“The issue is in the Supreme Court and I feel that it is not appropriate to discuss it. We (Congress) will accept whatever verdict the court pronounces on the matter,” he said.

He also welcomed Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi’s nomination for the top party post and expressed confidence in him saying that he would take the Congress to newer heights.

The Congress veteran also slammed the Modi government for “not taking any action to curb corruption”. “It should take action, just like the Congress-led UPA government had taken,” he said.

On the Centre’s Jammu and Kashmir policy, Singh said that he was not aware if the government has achieved anything on the issue.