Manish Sisodia proposes PPP model to tackle Delhi’s pollution, traffic woes

New Delhi: Delhi’s deputy chief minister Manish Sisodia proposed a public-private-partnership model for combating rising pollution level and addressing traffic and sanitation issues in the national capital on Thursday.

Addressing the ‘CII Delhi State Annual Session’, Sisodia said the previous governments appeared to have “failed” to address these issues and that there is a need of having a partnership with industry to deal with such problems.

He said the PPP model will also provide business opportunities to the industries besides solution to the city’s various problems.

“Pollution is the biggest problem in Delhi. Although it is the responsibility of government to reduce it, industry also has an opportunity to take it forward. “Similarly, there are several issues where industry can be roped in including development in unauthorised colonies, garbage, sanitation management and traffic. We can deal with these issues in a partnership with the industry,” Sisodia said.

He said a solution to rising pollution, traffic woes, poor sanitation and garbage management cannot be found until the government works together with private players. “With my two-year experience (in government), governments appears to have failed to work on these issues. “Before coming to power, I was an activist and I have seen that we cannot find a solution to garbage, traffic, pollution problems, development in unauthorised colonies until we work together,” Sisodia said.