Manipur tribal festival promotes national integration

Imphal, Dec. 1 : Manipur is inhabited by many tribal communities. Recently, members of various tribes came together on a single platform to celebrate their bond of brotherhood.

In a move to promote national integration, a two-day tribal cultural festival was held at the Tribal Research institute’s complex in Chingmeirong.

The aim was to bring different tribal communities together and encourage their sense of belonging to the state.

Altogether, 34 tribes participated in the event to showcase their varied cultures.

The mega festival was organized by Tribal Research Institute under the sponsorship of the Ministry of Tribal Affairs and co-sponsored by the Tribal Research Institute of the Government of Manipur.

Z Solomon, Director, Tribal Research Institute, told ANI, “We want to have peace and harmony among ourselves. We want to understand our culture, development, progress, love, affection among our self.”

Folk songs, traditional dances, apparel show and tribal musical symphony were among the events held at the festival. Leaving behind their differences, members of all the tribes interacted with each other and spread the message of unity.

Aruna Kamei, a participant in the festival told ANI, “It is really great thing that we still preserve our cultures, not only the particular tribe but almost all the tribals in Manipur. We are very thankful to encourage.”

Serto Chonglamjip, another participant, said, “It is very beautiful to be here with lots of tribal people around from respective districts and we represent a com tribe, we feel very happy and good about it.”

Zinthang, another participant, said, “It is very interesting and we are very grateful to organize this thing because all the tribal’s are staying apart in different districts and we are very grateful to see together here.”

The tribal people also displayed various handicraft and handloom products made by them at an exhibition held as part of the festival.

Festivals like these make the people aware of the lifestyle and culture of tribal people. (ANI)