Mangaluru: One arrested for murder of minor over PUBG game

Mangaluru: One person was arrested after a 13-year-old boy, went missing from his house in Ullal and was found murdered early on Sunday.

According to police sources, the victim was identified as Akeef and he had a tiff with the accused over a PUBG game and the matter escalated to the murder.

Akeef played PUBG with his neighbour and won regularly. One day, they challenged each other to play the game together.

Eventually, on Saturday night both of them played the game and when Akeef lost the game an argument started between the two. As the fight escalated, the accused hit Akeef with a stone. Following this, the victim collapsed and succumbed to his injuries.

The boy panicked and covered the body with banana leaves and fled the spot. The name of the accused is not revealed as yet.

Ullal police are interrogating the case to know better and describing the incident as unfortunate, city police commissioner N Shashi Kumar, who visited the spot, urged parents to be watchful while handing over mobile phones to children.

(With agency inputs)