Manchester City owner”s family in human rights violation `soup` in UAE

The family of Manchester City owner Sheikh Mansour has been accused of human rights abuses after a trial in Abu Dhabi, as his brothers were widely denounced as repressive and ”fundamentally unfair”. According to The Guardian, Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch have vehemently protested against the mass arrest of 94 people, their alleged torture while in Abu Dhabi jails, and said that it was a ”fundamentally unfair” trial.

The regime, whose army and security services are headed by Sheikh Mansour”s brother, Sheikh Mohammed, the crown prince of Abu Dhabi, however, maintains the 69 were operating as a front for the Muslim Brotherhood, and seeking to impose a conservative Islamist state, including by military means, the report said.

Only a minority of the UAE population has any kind of vote, the ruling families have been in charge for centuries, and in 2013 it remains a crime to criticise the rulers, belong to a trade union or form any organisation not licensed by the regime, the report added. Amnesty has also stated that it believes torture is a systematic practice in Abu Dhabi and UAE state security jails. (ANI)