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Manan sets up title clash with Chawla

Manan sets up title clash with Chawla

Kolkata :Manan Chandra and Kamal Chawla today set up a summit clash in the National 6-Red Snooker Championship, beating Aditya Mehta and Pushpinder Singh respectively, at the Bengal Rowing Club today.

“Manan played the long shots perfectly which I couldn’t. In 6-Reds, nobody is the favourite. The margin for error is almost non-existent. And once somebody is on the roll, it is very difficult to claw back,” Mehta rued about the loss which ended with the scoreline reading 6-4 in the best of 11 frame match with scores of 48-09, 07-77, 01-39, 46-17, 61-00, 44-31, 00-52, 16-46, 38-00, 46-01.

In the women’s section, Amee Kamani (MP) set up the final clash with Vidya Pillai of Karnataka.

Amee Kamani beat Chitra M 4-2 with frame scores of 22-30, 33-22, 46-11, 15-35, 39-06, 35-19 while Vidya Pillai beat Neena Praveen 4-1 with frame scores of 08-43, 30-04, 33-04, 34-17, 31-15.

Both the matches drew a full house as Manan Chandra, the former national champion, was up against Aditya Mehta and Kamal Chawla, the former Asian 6-Red Snooker semifinalist, was up against Pushpinder Singh, the man who has upset many in this championship.