Manage diabetes well to prevent stroke risk: Doctors

New Delhi: People suffering from diabetes need to keep their sugar levels in control to prevent strokes, say doctors, adding that diabetics are at double the risk of suffering a stroke than normal patients.

One basic precaution for diabetics to avoid stroke is to control weight.

“High abdominal fat leads to an increased production of bad cholesterol which saturates blood vessels. This blood gets deposited on the inside of blood vessels, leading to an increased risk of forming blood clots in the body causing stroke,” said Dr Satnam Singh Chhabra, head (neuro and spine department) at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital in the capital.

According to Dr Singh, diabetics should also keep smoking at bay as it leads to further clogging of arteries by narrowing down the blood vessel leading to stroke.

“Follow a heart-friendly diet at home. Diabetics can control cholesterol with a high intake of fibre-rich foods. There are several food items which are rich in fibre, including oats, whole-grain breads, peas and fruits,” Singh added.

According to the World Congress of Cardiology, it is estimated that by 2020, heart diseases will be the cause of over 40 percent deaths in India as compared to 24 percent in 1990.

Among them, over 60 percent are estimated to be diabetics. In India, currently there are nearly 50 million diabetics.

“Diabetics should avoid fatty and fried food items as these lead to high cholesterol levels in the body,” added Ashok Rai, senior consultant at Down Town Hospital in Guwahati, Assam.