The man whose death rumours intensified Kasganj violence is ‘alive’

Kasganj: To instigate more violence in the wake of Communal clashes in Kasganj, the social media rumour mongers declared a person as dead even though he is still alive.

According to the News reported in Indian Express, Rahul Upadhyaya was declared as dead due to Kasganj violence and the social media rumours were spreading like fire. He was receiving calls asking him whether he was dead. At first, Rahul thought that somebody was making fun but later when he received more calls and social media images declaring him dead, he was shocked to see them.

It was clear for Rahul Upadhyaya that some groups were using him to instigate more violence. He approached the Kotwali police station at Kasganj and the district administration got alerted.

Sanjeev Gupta, the IG of the Aligarh, asked Rahul to meet as many media persons as possible so that the message he was alive reach many people and prevent further spiraling of violence.

At the police station, some people congratulated him for being alive and some others congratulated him for becoming famous. But Rahul says that he does not want to become famous in this way.