Man who once kidnapped Maruti Rao, became his aide

Muhammed Abdul Bari who allegedly took the supari to kill Pranay has links with quite a few politicians. Once he was an active member of a political party based in the old city.

In the murder case of former Gujarat Home Minister Haren Pandya, he had spent nine years in Sabarmati jail. Soon after the got released, he returned to Hyderabad only to regroup with his old associate, out of which most of whom were involved in several offences including land disputes.

He hails from Nalgonda and had maintained a low profile since his return to Hyderabad and was staying in Saidabad.

He joined a political outfit after few days of his return, and soon became an active member participating in all party activities. At the same time, he also got in touch with his old contacts from Nalgonda.

He later started using threats and muscle power to mediate land deals. Once the Gangster Nayeem was killed, his activities increased.

Later he allegedly abducted Maruthi Rao, father-in-law of Pranay and the main accused in his murder case. However, Rao is said to have befriended him by promising some handsome amount of money if he was willing to work together. Following which he allegedly threatened many people who were opposing Rao.

To kill Pranay, Rao promised `1 crore to him out of which half of the amount was allegedly paid in advance. He is also an accused in the murder case of BJP leader Mysaiah Goud.

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