Man Utd eyeing top-four berth in Premier League

Leeds: Manchester United manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer on Saturday (local time) said that the club aims to finish among the top four in the Premier League, after it got knocked out of the Champions League earlier this week.

“We plan to be in the top four, we plan to be in the Champions League next season and we want players who can keep us in the Champions League and move us up the table,” quoted Solskjaer as saying.

“But we know there is not going to be a quick fix. We have to take it step by step,” he added.

The manager is hopeful of bringing new signings to the club for the next season but he is not expecting a large number of changes in the team.
“There will be new players coming in over summer but I don’t think you can expect six. I don’t think any manager you ask would be in favour of that amount of change anyway,” Solskjaer said.

“We want to rebuild but it is going to have to be gradual, over a few windows,” he added.

Solskjaer is well known for his time as a player for Manchester United and he hopes to build a culture at the club that is similar to the team’s glory days under former manager Sir Alex Ferguson.

“When I was given the job there was an understanding that we had to get Manchester United’s DNA back into the club and the team, that doesn’t mean I want to live in the past. It would be naive to tell players to do all the same things we did when I played. But I want to create a culture that we all believe in,” Solskjaer said.

“When I played the manager trusted us and we took responsibility for our own careers. If anyone stepped out of bounds, they wouldn’t stay here long. That’s the way it has to be at a club like this,” he added.
Manchester United will take on Everton in a Premier League clash today.