Man used rock as doorstop for 30 years, turns out to be meteorite worth over $100,000

Michigan: A man in the US received a rock as a gift in 1988 from a farmer in 1988, at that point of time he probably didn’t think much of it. Even as the previous owner claimed to have seen it coming down from the sky in the 1930s and digging it out of a crater, but Michigan used the gift as a doorstop.

Recently he suddenly decided to find out how much his door stop is worth after a span of 30 years, and to his surprise, it turned out to be a meteorite which is worth a whopping $100,000 dollars. The meteorite has 88 per cent iron and 12 per cent nickel rarely found on earth.



Mona Sirbescu, a Geology faculty member who examined it under X-ray said it was the most valuable thing she ever held. The rock was named Edmore meteorite and further examination could reveal rare elements that may increase its value.


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