Man took out father’s eyes with bare hands over property dispute

Abhishek Chetan, a 40-year-old man allegedly took out his father’s eye with his bare hands over a property dispute.

The accused wanted his father who is 65-year-old to transfer the property of JP Nagar in his name.

His father, Parameshwar, wanted to divide the property between his daughter and him but he did not agree with the this.

The property was registered on Parameshwar and his wife’s name. His father retired from the government job six months ago and his mother died two months ago. Since then he had been forcing his father to transfer the property.

But after a heated argument, he gouged out one of his father’s eyes with bare hands and he ran away but later he was arrested. His father was admitted to a private hospital and is in a stable condition, but has lost one of his eyes.

According to police, Abhishek is a drug addict and doesn’t have a good source of income.