Man threatens to shoot hijab-wearing woman, arrested

San Francisco: A man was arrested on suspicion of threatening to shoot a woman wearing a hijab, police said. Joshua Ruano, 27, is being held on suspicion of making a criminal threat with a hate-crime enhancement, The Los Angeles Times reported.

The woman and her toddler son were playing in a park on March 17 when Ruano approached her and made anti-Muslim comments and threatened to shoot her.

Hate crimes targeting Muslims and those who are mistaken for Muslim are on the rise, said Zahra Billoo, executive director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations San Francisco Bay Area.

“This incident in San Francisco reminds all of us of the critical work to be done in our own communities to prevent hate crimes and protect each other,” she said. “We applaud this woman who was targeted while with her child for bravely coming forward and hope it will encourage others to also seek help.”