Man stripped and raped 30-year woman, other women beat her

A 30-year-old woman in Vadali Village of Sri Gonda Tehsil of Ahmed Nagar District in Maharastra was stripped by a gang of men on the road. A man of gang, raped her whereas as the other women beat her with sticks. The woman fell unconscious. She was thrown in the nearby canal.  According to the reports, the woman was travelling alone for treatment. On her way, a man forcibly made her sit on his motorcycle. After travelling a certain distance, a group of men objected to the man carrying woman on his motorcycle. A few persons stripped the woman and another person of the group raped her and the other persons helped him. The woman was taken to Banali village where six women beat her seriously. The villagers informed the police. Police registered a case against some women and 14 persons.



–Siasat News