Man stopped from self-burial to ‘reach God’

Vijayawada: Police in Andhra Pradesh have stopped septuagenarian from committing self-burial in order to “reach God”.

The spiritually-inclined man had prepared his own grave on his farm land and wanted to reach God by going for self-burial.

Thatireddy Lachi Reddy had prepared the ‘samadhi’ in his field in Gannavaram village in Macherla block of Guntur district. Police rushed there and prevented him from resorting to the extreme step.

The incident occurred on Wednesday but it came to light on Friday.

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According to police, the man aged above 70 years, had dug 10-feet-deep grave and had a concrete slab next to it. He had planned to pull over the slab after getting into the pit. The locals tried to dissuade him by cautioning that after his suicide. his family would land in legal trouble.

Lachi Reddy then wrote to the District Collector, seeking permission for the self-burial. As he had decided to end his life on Wednesday, the collector’s office alerted the police.

According to police, Lachi Reddy was deeply involved in spirituality. His wife had passed away recently. He had told the villagers that since his son and grandson are settled, he had nothing left to do in life and hence wanted to reach God.

A police officer said they counselled the old man and let him off after he assured them that he will not attempt self-burial again.

With inputs from IANS