Man stabbed in Mumbai after he objected to public kissing

MUMBAI: A 27-year-old man was stabbed with a broken glass and injured after he objected to a couple kissing in public in Parel in central Mumbai, police said.

The incident occurred when Ganesh Sahane, who was passing by the road near a renowned college, noticed a man and his female friend behaving indecently.

According to police, when Sahane objected to their act, the accused, identified as Monty, abused Sahane and beat him up with the help of five of his friends.

During the scuffle, Monty allegedly stabbed Sahane with a glass of a broken bottle, police said.

After police were informed, they took the injured Sahane to a civic-run hospital, where his condition is out of danger.

Police managed to catch hold of one of the five persons who were involved in attacking Sahane, an official said.

A case is being registered by police.