Man slits wife’s throat in Rajender nagar Court Premises

In a bizarre incident, a man from Langarhouz in the Old City on Monday slit the throat of his wife on the premises of Rajendranagar court on the city outskirts and fled. The shocked onlookers immediately rushed the woman to a nearest hospital where her condition is stated to be critical.


According to the information, the culprit Nagender Babu and his wife Sowjanya applied for divorce one-and-a-half years ago in the Rajendranagar court. The couple was married for ten years and had a seven year old son. Alleging that Nagender Babu was having an extra-marital affair with another woman and totally neglected her, Sowjanya filed a divorce case in the court and sought maintenance allowance for her and her son.


In this connection, the couple attended the court on Monday. After hearing and adjournment of the case, the estranged couple came out of the court hall. While walking out of the court premises, Nagender Babu whipped out a knife and slit Sowjanya’s throat and fled in full view of the onlookers and litigants. (NSS)