Man slits brother’s throat over property dispute in UP’s Ghaziabad

Ghaziabad: A man killed his younger brother over a property dispute by slitting his throat with a sword in the Kaila Bhatta area here, the police said on Saturday.

Azad killed Alimuddin when he was on a walk in the area on Friday night. As his brother dropped in a pool of blood, Azad fled the scene brandishing his sword, Circle First officer Mahipal Singh said.

The two brothers had a long-standing dispute over the inheritance of their father’s tailoring shop and used to get into arguments often. Even on Thursday night, Azad had threatened to kill Alimuddin.

After the incident, police rushed Alimuddin to the MMG hospital where doctors declared him dead.

Three police teams from GT Road Kotwali have been assigned to nab Azad and are raiding his possible hideouts, Singh said.