Man who shouted ‘jihad’ on flight jailed for 9 months

Colorado: David Patrick Diaz, 36, of Poughkeepsie, New York, has been sentenced to 9 months in prison after shouting the word “jihad”.

Diaz, who forced a United Airlines flight to return to northern Virginia’s Dulles Airport after shouting the word “jihad” and rushing the cockpit has been sentenced to nine months in prison. He pleaded guilty earlier this year to interfering with a flight crew.

On a March 2015 flight from Dulles to Denver, Colorado, he was tackled by a group of passengers after shouting “jihad” and saying there was something in the belly of the plane.

His lawyer said Diaz has problems with mental illness and alcohol.

Prosecutors sought a sentence of 21 months, but a judge at federal court in Alexandria imposed a 9 month sentence at Tuesday’s sentencing hearing.

Diaz was also ordered to pay $22,000 in restitution to United.