Man shot at by friend at park

New Delhi: A 25-year-old man was allegedly shot at by his friend while they were sitting in a park in Rohini area this morning.

The victim informed the police about the incident claiming he was shot at by two men who tried to rob him, police said.

However, later on, it was found that he was telling a lie and his friend had shot at him, they added.

Police said that they received a call around 10 AM, after which a team was send to the spot.

The victim, Amit, narrated the story about a robbery bid gone wrong.

His friend, Pradeep(25), too told the police a similar story. Amit was taken to a private hospital where he was given treatment.

During investigation, it was revealed that Pradeep had shot at Amit after they had an argument. After the incident, Pradeep realised his mistake and apologised.

Amit forgave him and cooked up a false story of a robbery bid gone wrong. Police have arrested Pradeep who later confessed to have shot Amit.