Man shot dead by Pakistan police for not stopping car

Islamabad: A 27-year-old man was shot dead by police in Islamabad on Friday after he allegedly did not stop when a police official signalled him to.

According to initial reports, Taimoor Riaz was passing by the Sabzi Mandi area in Islamabad with a friend when police asked him to stop his car.

“When they didn’t stop, the policemen fired at them and a bullet hit Taimoor on his head,” a police official said. It’s not yet certain whether the friend was injured in the firing.

A murder case has been filed at Sabzi Mandi police station against Constable Samiur Tariq by the deceased’s brother, Sajid Riaz. Both policemen involved in the incident fled the scene and are currently at large.

Soon after the incident, Taimoor’s relatives protested in Islamabad. Riaz’s family members dismissed police statements saying there had been no prior warning or order to stop before the constable opened fire. Protesters also reportedly stormed a police station.

Meanwhile, talking to media, Taimoor’s father Rafiq Butt said that it was clear from the CCTV footage that the personnel had opened fire on the vehicle without signalling it to stop. As a result, he added, Taimoor received three bullets which caused his death.