Man sears his 3 children with iron rod, arrested

Bengaluru: In a shocking incident, a 40-year-old man in a fit of rage, seared his three young children from first wife with an iron rod, said the police on Wednesday.

According to the police the man is identified as Selvam, a worker at a construction site, who resided in JP Nagar, a locality in southern suburb of Bengaluru. The police said that Selvam married Satya, who is his second wife.

“He married her around two years ago after his first wife died. Selvam had three young children, who are aged around eight, six and four years. Of these, two are boys and the youngest is a girl,” explained the police.

The police said that children were undergoing treatment at the Mahabodhi Burns Centre at Victoria Hospital, which is one of the only two specialised burns units in the state that are equipped to deal with third-degree burns.

The police arrived at the scene when neighbours could not stop Selvam from searing his children with a red-hot iron rod.

 “He seared them beneath the foot, shoulder, back, buttocks. Unfortunately he did this with even four year old girl child, saying that he was doing it to ensure his children won’t be able to sit or stand or walk properly as they had become unbearably naughty and adamant,” said the police while quoting the complaint by neighbours.

The police added that Selvam started neglecting his children from first wife after the second marriage and it was a regular scene in their home that all the children were beaten black and blue regularly either after he came from his work or before going to work.

 “Neighbours have been witness to his brutal punishments. On many occasions, neighbours have pulled his kids out from him, unable to see the children’s plight. Most often they were not even fed properly,” claimed the police.

He did not even spare the young four year old girl. He often kicked them and beat them with a stick. The police has registered a case and is investigating.