Man robs employer of Rs 70 Lakh for getting a T-shirt as a gift for preventing robbery

Dhan Singh Bisht, disappointed by the gift his employer gave him for preventing a robbery, he who had collected Rs 70 lakh from a customer, fled with the money to Nainital along with a friend because he was upset at being given a T-shirt by his employer for preventing a robbery.

Investigations revealed that he was also angry with his employer who had refused him a loan even as he was under debts. The Crime Branch of Delhi Police cracked the case with the arrest of his friend Yakub in Delhi.

After dropping Bisht at Nainital, Yakub had returned to Delhi with Rs 4 lakh as an initial payment to remove any evidence of the crime. Police nabbed Yakub while he was planning to go back to Nainital.

Initially, Yakub misled the police but soon confessed to having committed the crime. His partner in crime initially tried to mislead the police but later admitted to having received Rs 4 lakh from Bisht for carrying out the plan. Cops found Rs 3 lakh deposited in his bank account.”

His friend Yakub claimed that Bisht had once carried a huge amount of money for his employer. While he was carrying cash worth Rs 80 lakh, some men tried to rob him but however, he fought them off single-handedly and got severely injured. While he had expected a cash reward from his employer, all he got was a T-shirt.

The injuries left him bedridden for days. Bisht had plotted the plan to attempt robbery, the plan was to run away with the money the next time his employer gave him cash to deposit.

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