Man rams his SUV into father for property

In a shocking incident, a man named Narender rammed his SUV into his father’s bike at Turkapalli in Yadadrigutta on Wednesday, it was in an attempt to kill his father and usurp all his father’s property. His father suffered serious head injuries and later died on the spot.

The son was holding grudge against his father over a 12-acre agricultural land, which was not being transferred to his name. The accident took place at Bhongir and Turkapally Road. The Deceased had two wives and Narender was born from his second wife.

This incident took place when Jaalam, who is the father of Narender was going to withdraw his pension. Narender was waiting for his father to come and as he saw his father he rammed his SUV which killed his father and later he surrendered in the police station and have been booked for a murder.

Since 2014, the dispute was gaging in the family over a property. Narender, who resides at Jangaon, came to Turkapalli, to meet his lawyer since a case was pending against him.

The deceased first wife has two sons and Narender was embroiled in a dispute with his half-brothers. Even in 2014, Narender killed one of his brothers, Narasimha, in a hope that his father’s land would be transferred to his name.