Man in Rajkot distributes Kaju barfi to celebrate his divorce


Ahmedabad: Unlike people that celebrate the fact they have found the love of their life and to crown in with marriage, there are few people who celebrate their divorce. Similarly a man in Rajkot made headlines when he chose to celebrate his divorce by distributing Kaju Barfi.

Rinkesh Rachchh, 26, who runs a ginning mill, has sent out at least 50kg of Kaju Barfi in boxes that read “Chutacheda Harakh Na” (to celebrate divorce). The box carries names of his family members, including parents and a younger brother.

He also printed his number on sweet boxes and attached a note on how women protection laws have been “exploited”. He said that divorce is not a reason to celebrate but he wants to bring awareness about how law is misused by many.

Rinkesh got married in 2014 and got divorce on April 15 this year with a girl from the same community. Since Rinkesh distributed the sweets he started getting many calls and messages from his friends and even strangers who congratulated him for facing the situation boldly and some even seek his advice after seeing photos on social media. 

Rinkesh said. “It took me two years (to get divorce) as the settlement amount sought by her initially was beyond my means. Even the best lawyers were of no help.”