Man poisoned tiger, gets 3-year jail

A farmer K. Thimmaiyan (60), hailing from Thengumarahada village sentenced to three years imprisonment for poisoning a tiger to death in 2014.

Forest officials said that an adult female tiger was found dead near the dead body of a buffalo inside the jungles in the foothills of the Nilgiris in June 2014.

After the Investigations, it was found that the tiger was said to be visiting human settlements along the forest fringes, and tried to prey on cattle reared by villagers there.

The incident came to light that one a farmer in the village, whose buffalo was killed by that tiger when it went inside the jungles for grazing, poured poison on the buffalo’s dead body expecting the tiger which had killed it, to return and finish the leftovers.

His plan worked out well as the tiger ate the leftovers and died. Laboratory analysis of samples collected from the tiger’s dead body confirmed that the animal was poisoned.

Following which he was arrested, and a case filed at the Judicial Magistrate court in Kotagiri, forest sources added. The judge sentenced him to three years imprisonment.

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