Man in Pennsylvania attacks wife after he dreams she was cheating

EYNON: In a very strange incident, a 49-year-old Pennsylvania man tried to kill his wife after he woke up from a dream in which she was cheating on him.

According to the Archibald police Conrad Rudalavage has boozed a lot before sleeping. When he woke up the next day he was sure that his wife was un faith full to him.

Rudalavage then attacked his wife by choking and threatened to kill her. His daughter interfered and tried to rescue her mother. She called 911, Rudalavage attacked his daughter but she managed to escape. She ran and informed the neighbors.

By the time the police reached the spot the neighbors helped pull Rudalavage off his wife. She was treated for bruises and other injuries to her face, head, and neck.

In an attempted homicide and other charges, Rudalavage remained in jail on Thursday.His attorney didn’t immediately return a call.