Man paraded and hair shaved for allegedly posting morphed pictures with girls

A man’s face was blackened, hair was shaved off and he was paraded for allegedly harassing girls and posting morphed pictures of himself with them on social media.

A video of him being paraded is being widely shared online. He was beaten up by the local residents and later jailed by the police over charges against him. The incident took place in Saharakhurd village on November 5.

According to the report published in the ndtv, the family members of Waqeel approached the District Magistrate (DM) and forwarded the video to the police, directing an investigation to be conducted into the matter.

“There was video, where a youth was being beaten up by a few men who also shaved his head. I have taken cognizance into the incident and have forwarded the video to the inspector,” said the District Magistrate Chandrabhushan Singh.

A social worker named Ifrahim Hussain, who advocated Waqeel’s innocence and held talks with the District Magistrate, said, “Some goons dragged him from his house, beat him up and paraded him throughout the village. They then took him to a canal and were going to kill him.”

He further stated that “Thankfully some people intervened and saved his life. Instead of punishing the goons the police jailed him, whereas the goons are disrupting social harmony. Even today they issue threats of murder.”

He said that Waqeel’s Facebook account was hacked by someone miscreants, who uploaded the morphed imaged to make him look bad. He also said that the police did not take action against the real culprits despite knowing this fact.