Man loses life within 50 hours of ‘Hair Transplantation’

Mumbai: Hair transplant procedures do have surprising effects but how often do you think they will bring out only the positive results?

So what exactly is at takes here? It is your precious life. A businessman from Mumbai died in about just 50 hours after he has gone for the hair transplantation which has now raised doubts on this procedures safety, TOI reports.

The Saki Naka businessman identified as Shrawan Kumar Chaudhary aged 43 had undergone the procedure at Powai’s Hiranandani Hospital on Friday and passed away the very next day on Saturday.

His autopsy reports suggest he his death was likely caused due to a strong allergic reaction.

After undergoing the procedure Chaudhary had difficulty in breathing while his face and throat was swollen. His heart too suffered cardiac arrest.

The symptoms suggested he suffered from a life-threatening allergic reaction called anaphylaxis.

Despite making efforts of reviving his heart, he passed away around 6.45am.