Man kills his two daughters for insurance money

Lucknow, November 30: An insurance agent in Uttar Pradesh’s Faizabad district killed his two teenaged daughters in cold blood to claim money on their life insurance policies.

The police arrested Ram Kishun Nishad ( 40) of Kewathiya village for the twin murders, allegedly committed.

Nishad killed Anita ( 15) and Sunita ( 13) by beating them unconscious before throwing them into a river, Faizabad SSP Sanjay Kumar said.

Nishad, who confessed to the crimes, used his nephew, Pawan Kumar Nishad ( 18) as an accomplice, promising him ` 50,000 and a motorcycle in return for the “ favour”. The police said Nishad planned the murder with several objectives in mind. “ He had recently taken out two life insurance policies of ` 2 lakh each for his daughters, for the express reason of claiming the sum insured after their death. He also planned to implicate Prahlad Singh from whom he had borrowed ` 1.3 lakh in the murder,” the SP said.

Nishad confessed that he took his daughters to Faizabad on the pretext of buying them clothes. Here, Pawan met them and offered to take them to a movie. But Nishad did not go along with them.

As agreed with Pawan, Nishad lay in wait for them near river Tamsa in Bibiyapur village while they were returning in the evening.

He attacked them with the help of Pawan and when they became unconscious from the beatings, the duo threw the girls into the river, Kumar said.

The next day, he filed a complaint.

“Nishad came to the police station and claimed that his daughters were killed by Singh,” Kumar said.

But upon interrogating Singh, it was found that Nishad was a habitual offender who was not trusted by the villagers either.

“ When we spoke to Kalma Devi, Nishad’s wife and their three other children, they said Anita and Sunita had gone missing after going to Faizabad with their father. We detained Nishad, who, after initial resistance, confessed to the murders,” Kumar added.