Man killed friend, flushed chopped body parts in Toilet: Police

Mumbai: The mystery behind a missing man was solved in a most unusual way in Mumbai, as his body parts were found blocking the sewage system of a society near Mumbai which led the police to uncover the case.

Last week in Bachraj Paradise Society in Virar, near Mumbai, a man named Ganesh Vitthal Kolhatkar aged 58 was killed by a friend for not being able to pay a loan of Rs. 1 lakh, police said.

According to the police, the accuse identified as Pintoo invited Mr Kolhatkar to his house on January 16 on the pretext of moving furniture. They both had a few drinks and got into a fight over the unpaid loan during which Mr Kolhatkar died.

The victim was soon to be married and the accused questioned his partying as his loan was unpaid. After killing him, to hide the evidence, the accused chopped the body into pieces and flushed them down the toilet over the course of four days, the police said.

Inspector Jayant Bhajwale asserted that “The murder took place on Wednesday. Over the next few days, he cut up the body into pieces and flushed it down the toilet. He then took the bones separately and threw it out of a train.”

Last week the family members of the victim registered a missing complaint but the police failed to trace him. The septic tank workers cleaning the tank in Virar’s Bachraj Paradise Society then found pieces of human flesh blocking the sewage drainage system and immediately informed the police who began an investigation.

Police said that the case was registered and the accused has been arrested. The victim had a printing press business while the accused is a stock market investor and a resident of Vakola in suburban Mumbai.