Man killed in broad daylight in Secunderabad

In a frightening incident, two unidentified men murderd a 35-year-old man by slitting his throat in broad daylight near SD Road in Secunderabad on Monday afternoon.

According to sources the duo fled in an auto After committing the crime. It took the passers-by more than a minute to realize that the man was murdered.

According to police “Eyewitnesses saw the assailants and the victim standing together in front of the busy Swapnalok Complex. Suddenly , the victim collapsed. In seconds, the two got into an auto rickshaw and vanished.

People initially thought that the victim fall off unconscious, but people realized only when they saw blood gushing out from his throat that he was attacked,“ DCP , North Zone, N Prakash Reddy said.

The killing took place just half-a-kilometre away from the Mahankali police station. The identity of the victim is yet to be established. He was dressed in a brown shirt and blue jeans,“ the DCP added.