Man jailed for 22 years for attacking tourists

Sydney: An Australian court sentenced a man to 22 years in prison on Wednesday for assaulting two 24-year-old female tourists, a Brazilian and a German, in the remote locality of Salt Creek in February 2016.

Roman Heinze, 61, was found guilty of aggravated kidnapping, causing harm with intent to cause harm, endangering life and indecent assault, according to the South Australia’s Supreme Court ruling, reports Efe news.

The accused, who had got in touch the victims through an online car-sharing portal, was also convicted of indecently assaulting another young tourist in 2014 and violating the conditions of his bail by committing the attack in 2016.

Justice Trish Kelly called Heinze’s crimes “utterly depraved” and sentenced him to 22 years. He will be eligible for parole after serving 17 years.

“In committing these crimes you have undermined yet again the reputation of this country as a safe, friendly and attractive destination for young backpackers from all over the world,” Kelly told the defendant.

Heinze attacked the Brazilian woman from behind, tied her up, tore her bikini with a knife and raped her, while stabbing the German – who tried to save her friend – in the head with a knife.

“Your crimes against (the Brazilian woman) in the sand dunes in the Coorong were committed solely in pursuit of the gratification of your own perverted sexual fantasies and desires,” stressed Kelly.

“The offence committed against (the German woman) in chasing her down like a frightened rabbit and running her over and at her again and again was utterly depraved,” the judge added.