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Man from Hyderabad translocates trees instead of cutting them

Man from Hyderabad translocates trees instead of cutting them

Bengaluru: It’s becoming difficult to maintain a tree as the Metroplitan cities are developing everyday in building the bridges. A Hyderabad man had come up with a method that can protect the trees from getting destroyed and saved the residents of Bengaluru faced a problem.

According to Deccan Chronicle, Ramchandra Appari, decided to transfer the trees when he felt sorry for the loss of the many trees in Hyderabad in 2009 in the construction of Hyderabad-Vijaywada highway.

His friend who is in Australia suggested him the old age technique of translocation. He then started Green Morning Horticulture Services Private Limited and had practiced many projects that can help in unnecessary cutting of trees to stop.

Appari dig about 4 feet deep around the tree and treated with chemicals before they are transferred to other place safely with his company.

While cutting the trees the roots are not cut from the trees and are wrapped into a ball and packed in a large jute bag.

Over 5,000 trees were transferred by Ramchandra and it had succeeded 80%. Appari helping the people in Bengaluru in Jayamahal retain 112 trees.