Man on his way to third wedding arrested, sent brother as substitute, brother held hostage!

Jharkhand: A man named Karim on way to his third wedding on Friday was arrested on the complaint of his two wives. He sent his brother as a substitute and he was held hostage by the enraged relatives of the bride demanding compensation.

Police said that Karim was on way to his third wedding and was arrested. To keep the wedding from falling apart, he sent his brother instead to marry the bride in his place.

The bride’s family became angry when Rahim turned up for the wedding instead of Karim. The bride’s family after seeing that their original choice had been replaced held Rahim hostage.

The family of the bride and the villagers of Sini did not agree to the substitute. They held the ‘baaraatis’ hostage and demanded that their wedding expenses,a sum of Rs 2 lakh to be paid back.

“We had brought Karim to the police station after his two wives objected to his third marriage. We told him about the legal consequences of his actions and, eventually, he agreed to stay with his two [existing] wives. He said that he was going for the third marriage under pressure from his mother. We’ve released him after he agreed to stay with his two wives and take care of them,” said Ponam Kujur, officer-in-charge (OC) of Kiriburu police station and in-charge of the local women’s police station.