Man held with gold biscuits at Jaipur International Airport

New Delhi: A person, who was trying to smuggle in gold biscuits from Sharjah, was arrested at the Jaipur International Airport by customs officials.

A senior custom official said on Saturday that customs officials at Jaipur International Airport intercepted a passenger who arrived by Air Arabia flight from Sharjah.

“While examining his checked-in baggage in the x-ray machine, dark images of some objects inside the shaver-cum-trimmer was noticed. We had a doubt that he was concealing some heavy precious metal which could be gold,” the official said.

On being questioned, the passenger denied carrying any such item. However, he could not
provide any satisfactory explanations.

“We then dismantled the shaver-cum-trimmer only to find four solid biscuits of fine gold (of 99.99 per cent purity) duly packed in a black carbon plastic sheet of multi layers. One small gold biscuit of fine gold (purity of 99.99 per cent) was found separately packed in black Carbon plastic sheet,” the official said.

The official said that the gold biscuits were then seized. The smuggled gold was around 491.0 grams, valued at Rs 25 lakh.

“We seized the gold under the provisions of custom act, 1962. Later, the local police was also informed,” said the custom official.

The official said that further investigation is going on.