Man gets his sex organ stuck in gym weight plate’s hole

Worms, Germany: In an awkward incident, a man from the city of Worms in Germany got his penis stuck in the small hole of a gym weight plate weighing 2.5 kilograms.

However, it is unclear how the man landed himself in such a situation. His state was so intense that doctors could not help him and remained unsuccessful in removing the plate.

Then finally, firefighters were called, who had to use power tools to break the weight plate and it took them three hours to complete the rescue operation, reports India Today.

Before the firefighters used angle grinders and hydraulic rescue device, the man was sedated.
Worms’ fire brigade posted about the incident on Facebook and the post has gone viral and has got 5,400 shares, 8,300 likes, and 33,000 comments.

The fire brigade advised the masses to not “imitate such actions”.

The post also had a photo of the broken weight plate. They had to break it into five pieces to ease the man.