Man found live maggots in chicken wings, KFC denies

MUMBAI: KFC India denies claims of a Mumbai-based customer who got live maggots in his ordered juicy and crunchy chicken wings

The customer named Datta Salve was shocked to find worms wriggling in a piece of chicken he had bought from the popular KFC outlet on October 1, 2018. He immediately took the pictures of the contaminated food and posted it on Facebook which has gone viral on the Internet.


However, KFC refuted the allegation and has released a statement in which they have talked about strict food safety and handling procedures.

The statement reads, “KFC India is firmly committed to providing the highest level of food safety to our customers. We have been notified of this issue and are investigating the same. Even in theory, the presence of such foreign objects in our chicken is impossible, as each piece of chicken at KFC India is manually hand-breaded in our restaurants before being cooked at a minimum of 170 degrees Celsius. Additionally, from the suppliers’ farm to the customer, KFC chicken goes through 34 quality checks. Customers are welcome to walk into our restaurants across India, and ask for a kitchen tour, to see for themselves the stringent quality and hygiene standards that we follow.”

However, this is not the first incident reported.